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We don't rely on third parties for supply of potential candidates. Each day many youth come to our company, while many send their bio-data and work experience through our website and e-mail for overseas employment, drawn by the reputation of the quality service we provide. Every information of these candidates are entered into our databank. Each potential candidate must face preliminary interview with our recruitment officers before the final selection. The discipline level of each and every worker is tested so as to avoid possible risks from the workers abroad. We examine the workers' morality, attitude, behavior and personal history. Team of our experts including a psychiatrist carries out these tests. Candidates have to go through medical tests after final selection. Only medically fit candidates are eligible to sign an agreement or contract paper.

  1. 1st Step: Demand from Employer (by fax or email)
    We will require you to produce following documents concerning the requirement after agreement is reached regarding the terms and condition. After receiving the original below mentioned documents we will apply to Ministry of Labour, Nepal for the permission of recruitment.
    • Demand Letter
    • Power of Attorney
    • Employment Contract
    • Guarantee Letter &
    • Agreement between Employer & M/S Times Management System Pvt. Ltd (TMS)

  2. 2nd Step: Pre-Screening Candidates (by fax or email)
    Upon receipt of the permission for recruitment form Ministry of Labour, we take out an advertisement in leading Daily Newspapers to collect for the potential candidates. The applicants are interviewed and prescreened by the recruitment officers of M/S Times Management System Pvt. Ltd (TMS). Then only the shortlisted candidates are called for the final selection through interview with the representative of the employer or CVs of these candidates are sent for final evaluation to the employer.

  3. 3rd Step: Final Interview (by employer)
    Many employers visit Nepal for final interview. We make all necessary preparations for interview. We call shortlisted candidates for the particular day. We have comfortable rooms and other modern facilities - computers, telephones, Internet, and all that an interviewer might need.

  4. 4th Step: Medical Checkup
    When the final selected candidates are confirmed from the side of employee organization, the selected candidates are immediately sent for their medical checkup. This medical examination is done only by the panels of doctors who are authorized by the Ministry of Labour to do so. Only the candidates who pass all the medical tests are then forwarded for the further process of recruitment.

  5. 5th Step: Employment Visa
    The fifth step is the process for the employment visa of the candidates. The process of obtaining visas is different for different countries.

  6. 6th Step: Orientation
    Before the travel date and after the receipt of visas, each of the candidates are required to take orientation classes to be eligible to get the final approval from Labour Department, Nepal. During the orientation classes, the candidates are informed of their job responsibilities, law, environment and culture of their future work country and place, work ethics, salary information, OT, food and accommodation facilities etc.

  7. 7th Step: Travelling Arrangement
    After orientation given to the visa issued candidates, we arrange for the travel of the candidates. We have very good relationship with travel agency thus that will provide every assistance required during travelling in coordination with the government department of our company. The major assistance required being the final approval from the Labour Department of Nepal, ticket copy of visa, NOC, insurance and employment contract to deploy the candidates on time.

  8. 8th Step: Deployment
    After clearance of all the above mentioned steps and clearance of service charges (if any involved) the candidates are finally ready to be deployed..